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Unlicensed staff let girl lay on ground for ten minutes, 911 called

May 19, 2012

Written by Angela Michael


            Witnesses were horrified to view a crumpled young black girl lying on the concrete near the guard shack.  The girl had arrived for her abortion 90 minutes earlier.  She was tiny.  The guards tried to conceal her laying there and blocked our attempts to photograph her on the ground.  Our ministry was just finishing up with our second ultrasound and save when this latest incident occurred. We called over to the guards to get the girl help. When no abortion staff personnel came out to her aid, Daniel dialed 911.                                                                                                                     

            It was evident this young girl was rushed through the assembly line of butchering: not only her unborn baby, but the mother also.  There was no family or driver with her.  We wondered if she drove herself like many abortive women do.  This abortion mill does not follow through with NAF protocol.  Besides, who’s checking?  It appears as though it is the fox that guards the hen house.

            The female telecommunicator asked the address.  Daniel told her the Hope Clinic, the abortion mill; the telecommunicator then stalled him as he hung on.  We then viewed Vannessa, a medical assistant come out with a wheelchair and rags. For TEN minutes this girl was lying on the ground. We called over for them to start an IV on her; she was losing fluids and vital electrolytes from her abortion procedure.                                                                                 

            This slaughterhouse could care less about proper post-abortive recovery time and care...  They just want to get the cattle, I mean client, in and out.  Another new medical assistant came and this time “Claudia,” the instrument technician, walked up to the two medical assistants and yelled at them using her hands, directing them on what to do.  Mind you, none of these responders are licensed nursing individuals.  Two more recently hired medical assistants came out; the burgundy hair vixen and Gwen the other Black American employee still had her shoe covers on. They lifted the girl to her feet and shoved her in the wheelchair.                                                                

          The deathscorts just stood from afar watching and chatting, trying to downplay the seriousness of the situation. An ambulance with sirens came around the corner. “Finally, praise God,” we thought, “real, trained medical responders.”  We told the operator help was there and hung up.   Unfortunately, the ambulance was bringing a patient to the emergency room 75 feet across from our embedded ultrasound van.  Our hearts sank. 

            We kept pleading with the medical assistants to get her some real help.  All four assistants and two deathscorts began the walk of shame, wheeling the disheveled-looking girl through the bloody parking lot of the abortion mill down the sidewalk as we photographed and across the street inside the collaborator hospital, Gateway Regional, that conceals and covers up the botched abortions from this slaughterhouse.               


            This is common practice with Hope Clinic: dump them and make them someone else’s problem.  Chief abortionist Yogendra Shah has stated to former employees and former nurses he has worked with that, “Once he gets them (client) patched up and back on the highway, they are no longer his problem.”  The butcherettes, all four, returned from the hospital with an empty wheelchair after transporting the injured girl inside the hospital. So this is what “choice” gets you: a trip to the hospital. As far as nursing criteria, one has to ask themself, is 90 minutes sufficient for counseling, ultrasound testing, pre-op meds, abortion procedure D&E/suction, recovery room, and discharge? It is well documented that this girl arrived at 8:05 a.m. and collapsed outside at 9:35 a.m.  Ridiculously, a nail pedicure involves more attention and time.                                                                                                                   

              This slaughterhouse was recently cited and fined for various health code and serious safety violations per the Illinois Department of Health.  Finally! The more serious finds were a non-working autoclave, disgusting fetal material in suction tubing, and no charting on the patients.   Many botched abortions were unreported and no discharge orders charted due to patients being rushed to area hospitals for treatment after suffering complications during abortions. Unlicensed, untrained personnel, narcotics left lying on tables, and used syringes in employees’ pockets were just a few discoveries listed per the most recent report from IDPH. Compassion? Care? 

            If abortion is legal, it should be sanitary and safe.

            The abortion industry, guilty of self-policing and other selected fairy tales, wants you to think abortion is legal, safe, and rare. Really? More accurately, women are treated like a piece of meat. Not surprisingly, a cut of filet mignon gets more attention and respect.

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