"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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“Home of the Incomplete Abortions”

Forward by: Angela Michael

   June 1. 2013

            Yet another shocking and horrific experience submitted to our ministry recently. Another duped abortion client thought she was going to receive compassionate, professional treatment...little did she know the gruesome history of this slaughterhouse.  Hope Clinic for Women LTD. is not a clinic, it’s a legal back alley abortion mill.  The results are the same as yesteryear. “Back alley” just moved to 21 street..  This young woman is one of the thousands that have received inhumane treatment and medical negligence.  Fetal body parts, again, were left inside a mother.  The medical term designated for this negligence is “incomplete abortion.”  Hope Clinic is notorious for this negligence. Examine all of the lawsuits against them.  Most list complaints such as medical malpractice and gross negligence.  Convicted murderer and abortionist Kermit Gosnell is not an anomaly.

            What’s worse is that Hope Clinic is getting by with this practice.  The abortionist knows that they can start these abortions by ripping a leg or an arm off the unborn baby and go on to another patient as it is an assembly line.  The unsuspecting client sits over a toilet to expel what’s left inside of her, then recovers in a blood-stained recliner for 45 minutes and is sent home.  Days later, she is rushed to an emergency room, doubled over in pain, and hemorrhaging due to retained fetal parts or a placenta, and is full of infection, just as in this case.  No emergency room can refuse to treat the woman;  the abortionist is well aware that someone else will “clean-up” their botched abortions and send the patient on their way.  As a result, no red flags are raised as patients from Hope Clinic are told to utilize different emergency rooms in case of complications.  This happens everyday. This is just another horror story, to add to the “walking wounded” in society.   We may not have saved this baby, but we did save a soul. She has a very different perspective on abortion and Hope Clinic. 



I just want to be honest. Because, maybe it will make me feel at peace...  There is a longggg line of circumstances as to why I had a 14 week abortion.... I remember walking into the clinic on a Saturday morning  a few years ago.. in the hopes of saving my failing marriage, due to a separation and "un wanted pregnancy".... I walked up to the clinic for the first time in my life in Granite City.. not knowing that there would be a HUGE mass of protesters.... As a lady walked up to me and begged me to not kill my baby... I started to burst into tears.... My girlfriend with me drug me into the door as fast as possible... It was the longest walk of shame in my life.... As I sat bawling my eyes out... my girlfriend asked if I wanted to turn around and leave... I said no... with hesitation... My heart ached, and I honestly just wanted to die. I was so obviously upset I was sent to a "counselor"... who just reasoned why it was ok with God that I murdered my precious child...                                                                                                                              

  The process of everything was plain disgusting and I felt like I was standing in an assembly line. I was the only woman physically upset, and it made me sick to sit there and see so many women talk about that this was not their 1st time there.... I prayed to God numerous times to please forgive this terrible choice that I was about to make... It was the most painful, horrific event that’s ever happened to me... while I sat there waiting after taking a pill... I heard women outside chanting and singing about Gods love... It broke my heart to know at that point in my life I was giving up human life to save my marriage.. and in the end I would still GO to hell.... Let me give you some history, I got pregnant as a teen, at 7wks old I gave my son up for adoption. I struggled from Bipolar disorder and had bounced between my parents homes.... years after this.. I married and had a beautiful daughter.. after a year of marriage I went through many suicide episodes.. I separated from my husband and ended up pregnant when we got back together.. He gave me the ultimatum of having the baby, and if it were not his to divorce me and take our daughter, or have an abortion and move on... after weeks of changing my mind... a girlfriend who had, had an abortion convinced me it would be the best choice........ after the abortion I was in alotttt of pain... I called the clinic to ask questions and they were awful to me...


 I went to the hospital to find out I had a severe infection and had my 1st overnight stay to have a  DNC and have many IV. Antibiotics. After "repairing" my marriage... a few months later we found out we were pregnant again.. apparently that can happen quick after a DNC?... We made it to 10 wks pregnant And found out we were having twins.. at 12 weeks we lost them...(at this point I was very angry with God, I felt like he was punishing me, a life for a life?) after 6 months of depression, I gave birth after 9 months of bed-rest due to complications, to another beautiful baby girl   ... Honestly and the mention of the word “abortion”  makes me sick to my stomach.. I have asked God to forgive me: I know He has, but I live in my condemnation and guilt... I pray all the time for this to go away .... I know someday it will... But I just wanted to share this story with you.. but, as a Newly saved Woman of God... I pray you are able to save babies and do come out with Victory. Thank you for your work, God bless .

To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictories@juno.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
or write them Small Victories P.O. Box 143 Highland, IL 62249.