"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Where's the Church?   At the Abortion Clinic 

2 Timothy 2:19 ''The Lord knows those who are his," and "Everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away from wickedness."  
inside mill killing North County Christian School.JPG (25514 bytes) 0306another covenant baby dead.JPG (66506 bytes) 0306another covenant baby being slaughtered.JPG (35306 bytes) 0206Where's the Church going into the abortion mill.JPG (42625 bytes)
fish pin where's the church inside killing.JPG (33664 bytes) Our Lady of Guadeloupe at the abortion mill.JPG (30471 bytes) Jesus at the abortion mill.JPG (46789 bytes) religious symbol on visor.JPG (14390 bytes)
crucifix on dashboard.JPG (27997 bytes) minister's getaway car.JPG (83338 bytes) PRAZ EM 8.JPG (39812 bytes)
where's the church Mar 03.jpg (46268 bytes) Where's the church Feb 08.JPG (35914 bytes) agape1 Feb 08.jpg (32614 bytes) where's the church Feb 29, 2008.JPG (26268 bytes)
where's the church January 31, 2008.jpg (34447 bytes) Jesus at the abortion mill October 3, 2008.JPG (30393 bytes) keep marriage biblical.jpg (25873 bytes)another Christian with pro-life bumper sticker killing her baby.jpg (33401 bytes) Where's the church January 19, 2008.jpg (40322 bytes)
August 2007 another covenant baby killed.jpg (46586 bytes) 0623In God we trust.jpg (42503 bytes) where's the Church June 15, 2007 1.jpg (32618 bytes) where's the Church June 15, 2007 2.jpg (37715 bytes)
0608where's the Church.jpg (23303 bytes) 0609where's the Church.jpg (37487 bytes) 0307where's the church inside killing March 7, 2007.jpg (27756 bytes) 0317where's the church inside killing March 17, 2007.JPG (38974 bytes)
0307Where's the Church February 23, 2007.JPG (28791 bytes) 1206Where's the church inside killing baby.jpg (33149 bytes) 1206Where's the church December 8, 2006.jpg (43873 bytes) 1206Where's the church Day 2 of killing baby Dec 06.jpg (76905 bytes)
1006Where's the church October 14, 2006.jpg (22184 bytes) 1006where's the church midnight abortions.jpg (12197 bytes) 1006Covenant baby Where's the church midnight abortions.jpg (18281 bytes) 0906Where's the church another covenant baby being killed Sep 06.jpg (27070 bytes)
0906where's the church  September 9, 2006.jpg (32236 bytes)


0806Where's the church I love Jesus but not my baby.jpg (24201 bytes) 0806Where's the church  August 19, 2006.jpg (26712 bytes) 0806professing Christian going in to kill child where's the church.jpg (58903 bytes)
0506we'll go anywhere for you Jesus except.JPG (12218 bytes) 0406Where's the Church.jpg (28247 bytes) 0406United Church of Christ.jpg (53562 bytes) 0406rosary Good Friday 2006.JPG (53618 bytes)
0406He Roze.jpg (63211 bytes) 0406fish symbol April 2005.jpg (37612 bytes) 0406fish pin April 10, 2005.jpg (65700 bytes) 0406I love Jesus.jpg (33874 bytes)
0406double fish pins.JPG (44183 bytes) 0406Dell I love Jesus.JPG (54511 bytes) 0406cross on visor Good Friday 2006.JPG (44274 bytes) 0406fish pin  March 18.JPG (56756 bytes)
0406Christians are not perfect just forgiven.jpg (71068 bytes) 0306With God all things are possible.jpg (39420 bytes) 0306Where's the Church Inside killing their baby.JPG (37744 bytes) 0306rosary hanging off mirror of family from Oklahoma's car.JPG (37718 bytes)
0306New Dimensions Church (East St Louis) van, 3 women.JPG (58633 bytes) 0306Mississippi God made it.jpg (34218 bytes) 0306Jesus van on 2nd day 2 days to kill baby.JPG (63494 bytes) 0306Jesus license plate in car.JPG (37171 bytes)
0306Jesus is Lord  January 2005.jpg (49162 bytes) 0306God is faithful, Believers Temple.JPG (47135 bytes) 0306God is Covenant children are murdered here.JPG (46763 bytes) 0306Gibault High School another Catholic baby being killed.JPG (41766 bytes)
0306Christians killing children.JPG (26578 bytes) where's the church Saturday inside killing baby Febw1.JPG (29301 bytes)

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